The Ethics in the Intellectual Property


Carlos Roxo (Lisbon)


“Intellectual property has become vitally important in international commerce and its effective management has become an essential skill in business” Intellectual Property Management Institute


As the World Intellectual Property Organisation makes strong point to remember the copyright has as I objective to protect everything what it is intellectual creation, however there are , two great ways to discuss that subjects, the first one is in favour the other one is against, in this way is difficult to forget that it analysis it of the one that is the copyright and to who it belongs, will have to seat basically to seat in solid’s Ethical bases. However the reality is well different, therefore no matter how much if we want the rights of copyright are constantly forgotten and crush under some one’s feet, this is the most important item, it can result on important practises of business, producing more value for the organisation, create new technologies which produce greater profits, which applied or sale directly the idea to third parts.

Not many time ago no body knew what intellectual propriety meant, it’s a great deal to understand what really belongs to whom. In other words no one knows where the right’s to the product of the creative mind’s really begins and where they end. Could any one think of understand this concept without using great amount of ethic’s in other words there are no way of doing that in an unethical way.

Is common sense in the working world that the mind of the worker “belongs to the employers”, is one asset and one of the ways to the profit, even when they did not pay for that, if the line o work didn’t use brains only muscle power, how many times they have to apply to is intellectual capacities ? This is the bottom line of the ideas of the persons who stand for the ideal of a world free from copyright of any type. They stand for a world whit free music, free software, in other words the only moment that any thing i do belongs tome is in the moment of creation, after that belongs to any one who can enjoy it.

Proposition of objectives

In the modern world the technology give us many opportunities, to create many situations of what belongs to who in the ethical way, did I have the right to get music from the internet, to copy pages to sale after making some changes to use programs that I don’t have pay for. In one way or the other this is using the others ideas, without pay for that it makes you a thief of capacities to produce new things and new projects.

In the industry of making music can I distinguish between a ” musical influence ” and a stolen idea, is hard to think that way, because the notes from standard diatonic scale are only 12 and the number o music’s wrote until to day are impossible to count and the sequences that some compose today must have been used some other time, is that stolen propriety and how could i use ethics to give that chaos some order ?

According to the law any thing that i could conceive in my employer time belongs to him. That any in I have developed in my workplace belong by right to my employer in generic sense, never the less I think if in the line of thinking of my work I get one idea who didn’t belongs to the core business of my organisation, ethically speaking what part of that idea could I tell that is mine, and what part belongs to my organisation?

After this mixed ideas I propose to talk about the influence of this new concept and is greatness there for I can’t forget the difficulty of changing the society who lives in the most undefined set of concepts. In other words when we come in that point must be the law to define who is right one but never the less the ethic’s must be the most important point of measurement to use in the construction of the society for all of us.

The way to achieve my goal.

  • Searching for information on the web about the most diverse approach to this subjects.
  • Reading books, newspapers, teases, and what i think that could give me some advantage and knowledge to produce one paper whit the most precision information.
  • Try to interview personal or by the web the most differentiated position on this mater and whit is opinions search for is concept of ethics, and by that create one way to show where the ethic of one touch the ethic of the other.
  • In the process i could have some new or better ideas to approach this paper, there for more way of doing and using ideas could appear.


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