Preserving market space and the private place

Tomas Lipinski


This paper proposes a middle ground between marketing industry proponents who argue for a self-regulation model in response to consumer privacy concerns and provacy advocates on the other hand who would see the end of most current marketing information practices. To be successful the ability of marketers to market products and services to consumers must be preserved. Futhermore , protecting consumer privacy entails developing schemes which also preserve options for market particcpation by consumers. This would be accomplished by preserving the autonomy of consumers and recognizing the ownership rights of consumers in their personally related information. After discussing the applications of marketplace autonomy and economic ownership in personal information, this paper reviews recent privacy policy statements in the United States. Several legislative initiatives are assessed. A variety of privacy protection options are critqued. Finnally, a proposal for a scheme which preserves both the marketing industry and consumer privacy is presented within model legislation based upon consumer preference and anonymity.