The usefulness of the stakeholder theory in an analysis of the Internet-impacted business environment of contemporary organizations.

AUTHOR Janusz Wielki, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The business environment in which every organization operates and the changes taking place in it are extremely important elements of an organization’s success. It is a collection of numerous entities, factors and forces which are more or less predictable in their behavior and which give an organization a chance to […]

Political blogging in Northern Ireland: A post-conflict society in the virtual world

AUTHOR Ciaran Ward ABSTRACT The socio-political landscape of Northern Ireland has changed radically and rapidly over the course of the last 15-20 years. This period has seen the emergence and rapid growth of the online social media phenomenon, which has exercised a considerable influence over the politics and wider society of the region. In 1998 […]

Brain-Computer Interfaces: a technical approach to supporting privacy

AUTHOR Kirsten Wahlstrom, Ben Fairweather and Helen Ashman ABSTRACT Introduction Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) facilitate communication between a brain and a computer and can be categorised according to function: interpretation of neural activity, stimulation of neural activity, and interpretation-stimulation. Warwick’s self-experiments with implants in the interpretation-stimulation category (Warwick and Gasson, 2004) demonstrate the technical feasibility of […]

Lurking: finding one’s self while remaining hidden

AUTHOR Richard Volkman ABSTRACT “Lurking” refers to the online behavior of gathering information from interactive resources like forums and social networking sites without participating in the interactivity that generates the online content and without disclosing one’s self as a consumer of that content. I propose to explore the ethical significance of lurking as it specifically […]

The Global Communication skill among educated youth of the Tharu tribe: A study in special reference to uses of internet-facilities

AUTHOR Subhash Chandra Verma ABSTRACT The Tharu community is famous tribe of India and Nepal. The Tharus are indigenous people of the Himalayan Tarai area. Maximum population of this community lives on both sides of Indo-Nepal border. Tharu were already living in the Terai before Indo-Europeans arrived. Due to friendly relations between India and Nepal, […]