An Hour with an Expert: Dr. Elena Tej Grewal

Check out our very first installment of An Hour with An Expert hosted by the Research Center on Values in Emerging Science and Technology! An Hour with an Expert: Dr. Elena Tej Grewal SCSU Professors Dr. Roe (History) and Dr. Antonios (Computer Science) team up to ask today’s leading science and industry experts important contemporary questions. Dr. Elena […]

The Persistence of Race in Scientific Research

Straight Talk: The Persistence of Race in Scientific Research

Join us for another amazing, interactive discussion on some of today’s hottest topics lead by our esteemed panel of guests. This conversation between philosophers and scientists will not only interrogate some of the enduring ideologies of race in America but also some of the reasons behind its continued resonance within the scientific community, largely in the field of genetic research.

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Event: Earning Trust through Public Science Writing

Click here for the flier Wednesday, November 13 1-2 p.m. Engleman Hall A 120 Special Guest Dr. Sarah Tinker Perrault (University of California, Davis) describes how science writers can develop readers’ trust by taking on scientist-citizen roles in their writing. She will present three dimensions of trustworthiness — knowledge, integrity, and respect for readers — […]

Event: Rules for Robots: Ethics & Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Katleen Gabriels Thursday, December 5, 3:15 Engleman A120 Abstract: Google’s search engine, Facebook’s News Feed, Amazon’s Echo: many of our everyday technologies contain Artificial Intelligence (AI). Autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners and robot lawn mowers help us at home, robotic surgical systems perform operations, and therapy chatbots such as Woebot are always ready to ‘listen’. […]