ETHICOMP2007 Working Conference – Kunming, China


Yunnan University, Kunming, China

Monday 2 April 2007 to Tuesday 3 April 2007

Yunnan University

Computer Society of Yunnan Province
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility, De Montfort University, UK
Research Center on Computing and Society, Southern Connecticut State University, USA
Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute, East Tennessee State University, USA

Professor Terrell Ward Bynum, Southern Connecticut State University, USA
Professor Tong Li, Yunnan University ,China
Professor Kiyoshi Murata, Meiji University, Japan
Professor Simon Rogerson, De Montfort University, UK

The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS)
Troubador Publishing Ltd
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers ITD
Dept of Computing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong Computer Society


  • “Some Key Events In The History of Information and Computer Ethics” by Terrell Ward Bynum
  • “Computer Ethics: A Weapon for Information Security?” by Wanbil Lee
  • “Inclusive Social Responsibilities of ICT for Special Educational Needs: Problems of the Multifaceted Divide” by Ying Liu and Anita Cornish
  • “Learning Activity in the ICT’s Age” by Ji-Xuan Feg
  • “Information and Integrity in the Information Age” by Simon Rogerson
  • “Digital Dilemmas: Who Should Be Blamed? Computers, Business or Government” by Wei Wang, Li Tong and Yu Tong.
  • “Social, Legal and Ethical Impact of ICT” by Rishwaina Dookhony, Porfirio Barroso Asenjo and Lucia Tello Diaz.
  • “Tracking Email Offenders” by Man Qi and Maozhen Li
  • “Managing Technical and Ethical Risk in Student Projects” by Don Gotterbarn
  • “The Content and the Rise of Computer Ethics” by Yang Jun, Song Kejian and Li Junli
  • “Genetic Technologies and Egalitarianism” by Jeremy Moss
  • “Ethics and Technology” by Porfirio Barroso Asenjo, Rishwina Dookhony and Lucia Tello Diaz
  • “Towards the Establishment of Socially Responsible Information Quality Management” by Kiyoshi Murata
  • “Addressing Risk in Project Based Classes: A Hands-On Approach to Ethics and Professionalism” by Don Gotterbarn and Simon Rogerson
  • “Ethic Issue of Gender Difference on Pointing Performance” by Ken Tin-Kai Chena, Robert C.C Chena and Hong-Ji Yang
  • “On the Growth of Collaborative and Competitive Networks: Opportunities and New Challenges” by Ugo Pagallo and Giancarlo Ruffo
  • “The Learning Organization: Synonymous With Ethical Knowledge Management? by Goncalo Costa, Mary Prior and Simon Rogerson
  • “The Ethics of Cyberspace” by Fie Dai and Tong Li
  • “Regulation In the Context of ICT” by Lucia Tello Diaz, Rishwina Dookhony and Porfirio Barroso Asenjo
  • “The Self-Ethics in Cyberspace” by Duan Weiwen
  • “Panel on Teaching Computer Ethics” by Panel Chair Tong Li