Engendering Action to Fill the Gap of Ethnic Minority Employability: A Study on Working for Families Project for Women in Scotland

Nidhi Sharma, Shalini Kesar and Diane Milne


As part of the Scottish Executive’s strategy to motivate low-income parents to re-enter labour market, in 2004, 10 projects “Working for Families Projects (WfFP)” were initiated. The principal aim of which is to encourage unemployed parents by providing extra support and guidance to families who wanted to seek either employment or training/education for employment purposes. This paper reflects on the findings of the study conducted on the WfFP that focused on women in ethnic minority in particular. The main goal of the WfFP for ethnic minority is to provide a holistic support and resources such as child care, Information, Communications and Technologies (ICT) training/learning skills, information about Community crèches.