Building ETHICS ONLINE Course


Anna Grabowska (Poland) and Prathiba Nagabushan (Australia)


This paper presents the experience of two teachers from Australia and Poland in building an online course on “Ethics” using ICT. The aim of the paper is to share the knowledge and skills acquired by these teachers in the areas of content, pedagogy and ICT. Starting with how this project has been conceived and developed after these two teachers met each other in the WCCE 2001, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, the paper unfurls the evolution of an online course on the philosophy of “Ethics” using ICT.

This online Ethics course developed together is intended to serve students in all parts of the world, with increased flexibility regarding time, place and pace of study and creating a highly user-friendly environment that is marked by ready access to information resources in the area of the subject.

This unit is designed to give students the opportunity to

  • Discover ways of acting that are worthy of choice and of discerning those that are unworthy of choice.
  • Answer the questions that open up an ethical issue for fruitful discussion, for example, what? Why? How? Who? When? Where? What are the foreseeable effects? What are the viable alternatives?
  • Learn the ethical implications of traditional beliefs and observances.
  • Establish a body of information about the ethical issues and the debates surrounding them.
  • Learn the skills of research, analysis and discussion, appropriate to the study of ethical issues and decision-making.

Objectives of studying about ethics would enable the students to

  • Exercise greater sensitivity, reflection and method in moral decision-making with regards to personal, professional, societal, national and global issues.
  • Contrast ethical perspectives on selected issues.
  • Analyse the contributions of religious beliefs and values to traditional and/or contemporary ethical debates.
  • Understand the sources and role of authority in ethical debate and
  • Learn and improve upon the skills of research, analysis and discussion about ethical issues and decision-making.

It should have been stressed that it will be the first course in the subject of Ethics offered for students from Gdansk University of Technology. We think that the course will have a great impact on moral attitude to personal and professional behavior and will influence an ethical approach to decision-making.

ETHICS ONLINE course is now opened for testing and adding comments on a BOARD at the address: