BionicOpter the Dragonfly Drone

3-29-2013festobionicopterDrones come in all shapes and sizes, but when most of us hear the word ‘drone’ we think of a tiny un-manned helicopter whizzing around high up in the sky. BionicOpter is here to set the record straight.

BionicOpter is a dragonfly-shaped drone. It flies just like a real dragonfly using its four wings and long tail to effortlessly swim through the air with the wings beating up to twenty times per-second. The body, itself, measures in at 17.3 inches long. This makes it a very tiny drone. Check out a video of BionicOpter in action below:
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T-Mobile Announces its ‘UnCarrier’ Business Strategy

tmobile-eventT-Mobile recently announced a new company mission in their efforts to take market share away from the AT&T and Verizon. Their new vision of the future involves what T-Mobile calls being the “UnCarrier”. To Europeans, T-Mobile’s vision may not be very different from what is already available there;  but to cell phone users in the United States, this is a big change that T-Mobile hopes will distinguish it from the competition in a very lucrative way.
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3D Printer is Now a Scanner, Too


MakerBot is a consumer product intended to bring 3D printing to the average person. Currently, MakerBot, like all 3D printers, requires a digital instruction set programmed to print out the 3D object. This process is controversial as it is, but incredibly powerful. The potential for 3D printing is more and more obvious every day. But MakerBot’s newly developed feature coming in the near future adds another dimension to 3D printing.

What if you don’t need a digital instruction set to create an object? What if you can scan an existing object into MakerBot, allowing it to create copies at will? The potential benefit is huge. Imagine creating a set of coffee mugs. In case one breaks, you always have duplicates to replace it without having to go buy another set of mugs.

There are dangerous risks with 3D scanning as well. What will stop someone from buying a product in a retail store, scanning and duplicating it, then returning the original product and having their money refunded?

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