A study about an activation system of human resources in a company organization

KAMEDA Hideaki, SUMITA Tomofumi, SHIMAZAKI Masahito


International market competition intensified, and a Japanese company, manufacturing industry in particular rebuilt personnel system to achieve corporate strategy while globalization advanced after 1990’s, and many companies were able to go ahead through introduction of personnel system to advocate the principle of result.

However, after the bubble collapses, they have been pointing out a short-term point of achievements to happen to expect the principle of result excessively or motivation down of an employee with it as a problem of a company organization.

However, as a result of having performed reflection of the principle of result that a Japanese company is excessive, it may be said that the present age is the times when long-term result is demanded from both an employee and a company not together short-term result.

And, in a Japanese company, they reconsider a way of thinking of human resources development.

They thought that a person of object of education should have selected, or thought that an employee had responsibility of ability development.

However, in late years the thought changes somewhat, and they think human resources development to be necessary I stand in a long-term field of vision, and to wrestle in responsibility of a company again.

It may be said that a key for both a company and an employee to achieve result to the maximum together hangs for the management of a middle manager of each place of work.

However, from a result of slimming and personnel reduction of management, a middle manager comes to carry a role as employment as a playing manager while performing a conventional role to say with a manager of a place of work.

In other words, as for them, it is expected duties improvement, subordinate upbringing, the achievement of duties aim and the management of the routine that said and new problem discovery and solution, vision construction, systems design and the management of the innovation that said as a role of a middle manager at the same time while oneself is in charge of some of a theme of a place of work same as a subordinate.

Therefore we think that playing manager who have network ability to have many human networks, to transmit and receive much information, and to install cooperation of a person concerned with speedily, have been expected.

A company is fixing a new education system for ability development to cope with the principle of result., and considers ability development to perform for a middle manager too.

However, there is human network construction as a problem of the personnel training that cannot support by a conventional ability development program. Construction of an unofficial network represented as a new trial to solve it by an off site meeting and cross function team is regarded as important.

We think that an unofficial network solves what a check between members thought about for communication by conventional IT and distrust and a saying evil produced.

In addition, it is thought that an unofficial network becomes basic as for us as the place where a place of exchange of necessary information and the new problem formation are performed so that a manager accomplishes a role.

We applied SEC-CIS combination model that quoted an SECI model so that construction of an unofficial network considered a background regarded as important and considered a process of network construction in managers in an off site meeting.

In other words S (socialization)→ E(externalization) → C(combination) and a process to say and the information addressee who expressed information an information sender as for the communication thought about us when I applied an SECI model to interpret the dispatch / reception of information between members in an off site meeting when it was divided expressed information into C(combination) → I(internalization) → S(socialization) which did internalization and a process to say.

Then members understand to some extent such as duties of a partner and one’s thought and sense of values for a company organization, home or a local action in the background belonging to the person information  because they have already performed self-introduction of long time each other.

Therefore a person receiving information can understand a process of S → E → C that a partner sending information to expresses information deeply.

In addition, we thought that we could come to send information while assuming what kind of process an addressee reached C → I → S by when an information sender sent information.

We thought about the process with a valuable process for relations of a member to turn from relations of a check and an opposition of distrust into relations of cooperation.

And we examined a direction of the new management by network construction and examined an ideal method of new education system for ability development.