Computer Ethics Issues In Academic Computing

– Further issues concerning teaching computer ethics are explored.

Computer Ethics Issues in Academic Computing table of contents

The National Conference on Computing and Values (NCCV) was held on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University in August 1991. The Conference included six “tracks:” Teaching Computing and Human Values, Computer Privacy and Confidentiality, Computer Security and Crime, Ownership of Software and Intellectual Property, Equity and Access to Computing Resources, and Policy Issues in the Campus Computing Environment. Each track included a major address, three to five commentaries, some small “working groups,” and a packet of relevant readings (the “Track Pack”). A variety of supplemental “enrichment events” were also included.

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Who We Are

The Research Center on Computing & Society is dedicated to the advancement of computer ethics as an academic discipline and to the ethical use of computer technology. Major activities of the Research Center include the following:

  • TEACHING – create and teach computer ethics courses at the university level; conduct computer ethics teaching workshops for faculty members of colleges and universities.
  • NETWORKING – promote cooperation among scholars and public policy makers on computer ethics topics; serve as a central source of information about relevant people, resources, and organizations.
  • RESEARCH – promote research through conference sponsorship, fellowships, grants, internships, commissioned publications, library creation, etc.
  • PUBLICATIONS – create and disseminate books, articles, monographs, proceedings, video programs, model curriculum materials, and other results of research in computer ethics.
  • WEB SITE – create and maintain one of the finest computer ethics Web sites in cyberspace with teaching materials, articles and papers, multimedia materials, and links to other computer ethics resources.

The Research Center on Computing & Society at Southern Connecticut State University • 501 Crescent Street • New Haven, CT 06515 • Director: (203) 392-6790 •

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