Terry Bynum

Philosophy Department

Terry has a BSc in Chemistry with Honors and Distinction. In his Honors Thesis, he derived a complex acid-base algorithm from the laws of thermodynamics using symbolic logic. He has four degrees in Philosophy, including the Ph.D.; and, for many years, he was a member of the Editorial Board of the scholarly journal Science and Engineering Ethics. He has many publications and keynote addresses in the field of Computer Ethics, and he has won all three of the highest awards in that field. He also has publications on artificial intelligence, developmental psychology, the metaphysics of physics (quantum mechanics and entropy), and the history of mathematical logic, His book on Frege’s logical foundation for mathematics is an Oxford University Press Classic (to be published in perpetuity). At Southern, Terry has taught the course “Science and Technology: Triumph or Tragedy” in the Honors College with colleagues in the Biology, Earth Science, and Physics departments. In the Philosophy Department, he has taught an experimental course, “The Ultimate Nature of the Universe”, in which he explored a number of models of the cosmos from ancient Greece to today’s physics.