Heidi Lockwood

Philosophy Department

Heidi Howkins Lockwood is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Southern Connecticut State University and a key member of the Women’s Studies program. Heidi’s research interests lie at the intersection of logic, metaphysics, mathematics, and epistemology; she has developed a proof for a new fixed point theorem that is prompting philosophers and logicians to rethink the criteria for proof in formal systems, and is currently working on the question of whether mapping or representation – and in particular the representation or mirroring of information via quantum entanglement – can provide an objection to arguments for the existence of spatiotemporal regions that are in principle inaccessible or ineffable. Heidi was co-chair of the 22nd annual Women’s Studies conference at Southern, “#FeministIn(ter)ventions: Women, Community, Technology,” which explored how women and girls use technology and participate in technology-dependent fields, and looked at the ways in which issues and barriers to participation intersect with studies of gender, race, class, and sexuality. She teaches hybrid and online courses at Southern. Among her contributions are a popular new philosophy course titled “Death and the Meaning of Life,” an online graduate-level course titled “Feminist Pedagogy,” and a frequently requested special topics course in advanced formal logic.